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Translated from ancient Greek meaning “body excellence”, is a modern yet ancient philosophy; combining the 4 metaphorical elements of Earth (Nutrition), Water (Martial Arts), Air (Chi Gung) and Fire (Exercise) to enhance the body and unlock the quintessential 5th element of Aether (Spirit).
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The Warrior Athlete program’s ultimate goal is the alignment of the Mind & Body.  The process of training is a progressive continuum that builds the trainee towards the highest version of themselves (mentally, physically and emotionally).  This process begins with the physical base and martial skill in order to achieve control over the body – and continues ultimately towards controlling one’s own intentions & mind (self mastery).



In order to achieve our peak physical potential, we must exercise in a way to which we have been biologically programmed.


The Warrior Athlete program is designed specifically to ignite and reawaken one’s warrior spirit while simultaneously training the mind and body to achieve maximum performance and health.


Unlike other training methods today that typically separate between resistance and endurance – Warrior Athlete combines both, with a substantial emphasis on exercise intensity, to build a lean & powerful physique.



Literally translated as the “Way of the Intercepting Fist”, was created by the legendary Bruce Lee in 1967 and contains the essential principles from Western Boxing, Chinese Wing Chun Kung Fu and European Fencing.


What distinguishes Jeet Kune Do from other combative arts, is that its emphasis is placed squarely on attack; intercepting your opponent’s attack with an attack of your own.


Although Jeet Kune Do is a martial art, it’s ultimate purpose serves as a means of personal transformation through a complete process of self exploration.



The Warrior Diet is based on the principle of cycling between periods of under eating and overeating.  It models the ancient hunter’s schedule of hunting and collecting during the day; eating and resting at night.  The “Warrior Cycle” is the only biological cycle that we are built for and are naturally meant to live by.


Eat the way your body was designed for you to eat, and a lot takes care of itself. Timing of the meals is the most important and distinguishing factor, as when you eat makes what you eat matter. The Warrior Diet was developed by best-selling author Ori Hofmekler, and is a crucial element of the Warrior Athlete program.


Internal Energy Cultivation Meditation

Chi Gung is an ancient Chinese system of internal energy cultivation that enables you to develop internal power. It is the same source of power behind the Chinese internal martial arts, and without which, the movements in these arts are only calisthenics. For centuries, Chi Gung has been used for health, vitality, increased longevity, transforming martial art and athletic ability by ultimately accelerating the mind.


Ultimately, it can help you achieve your personal vision by strengthening the “muscle of your WILL.”  Chi Gung will raise your level of deservingness, improve your performance, strengthen your will, give you healing energy to prevent or cure illnesses and raise your level of assertiveness. Results are dramatic and permanent.



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    What makes the Warrior Athlete program different?

    While most programs promise to give you a specific result based on some random and subjective workout and diet planning, the Warrior Athlete is designed using solid principles to specifically address each individuals needs using a unique system that’s inspired by the martial arts and human athletics.

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    Who is this program for?

    From the beginner looking to establish a base, to the most advanced fitness veteran looking to maximize their physical potential – the Warrior Athlete program challenges all types from different backgrounds to individually achieve exactly what they need in order to create a fit & powerful physique.

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    Do I get to interact with the coach of my choice directly?

    Yes!  One of the most important aspects of training with us is accountability. Included in the training program is weekly contact and support from your selected coach.  Our app has a built in messenger system that allows you to interact directly with us where you can ask any questions or concerns you may have along the way.  Video chat is also an option for a more personal training experience.

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    Does this include nutrition & meal plans?

    Absolutely.  It isn’t enough to just workout without addressing your body’s nutritional and recovery needs in order to achieve optimal health & fitness.  We will supply you with a daily nutritional plan that will show you exactly what to eat and when.

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    Do I need specific equipment to start?

    This method is based on simplicity.  The human body only requires the correct amount of pressure in order to challenge itself to grow and perform.   Using this principle, the Warrior Athlete makes the most of efficient training in order to carefully maximize muscle quality & growth without the use of complex methods and gimmicks.

    All you’ll need is your body, some light, medium and heavy dumbbells and a little room and you’re ready to start – giving you the option of training in the gym or the comfort of your own home.

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    Will I be training any martial arts in the follow along videos?

    In the online training there are martial movements (footwork, punches and kicks) that are trained and integrated into the Speed portion of the exercise unit.  You won’t be practicing techniques per say, but the tools of the art and developing a sense of control is the goal of each training module.